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Tábor was founded by Hussite reformers in 1420. Surrounded by historical architecture, breathtaking views, and a bustling town square, the old town has winding cobblestone streets, an ancient castle, baroque churches, underground tunnels, as well as restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. The town is also the birth place of Czech violinist, conductor and composer Oskar Nedbal (1874-1930) as well as jazz-pianist Jiří Traxler (1912-2011). 

Each year, Prague Summer Nights spends the first two weeks of the program in Tabor in residence at the Divadlo Oskara Nedbala (pictured below)

Tabor sq.jpeg
Hussite Museum.jpeg
Tabor Square.jpeg
Nedbal Exterior.jpeg

Divadlo Oskara Nedbala

Divadlo Oskara Nedbala, nestled in the historical and picturesque town of Tábor, is the home of Prague Summer Nights for the first two weeks of the program. This theater, named after the famous Czech musician and conductor Oskar Nedbal, features a unique double auditorium combining a historic opera house with a newer orchestral auditorium. The Nedbal Theatre is the cultural center of Tábor and much of the region, hosting over 50 performing acts per year.

Interior nedbal.jpeg
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